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Aix sponsa
Anas acuta
Anas americana
Anas carolinensis
Anas clypeata
Anas crecca
Anas discors
Anas fulvigula
Anas fulvigula fulvigula
Anas platyrhynchos
Anas rubripes
Anas strepera
Anser caerulescens
Anser caerulescens caerulescens
Aythya affinis
Aythya americana
Aythya collaris
Aythya marila
Aythya valisineria
Branta bernicla
Branta canadensis
Bucephala albeola
Bucephala clangula
Cairina moschata
Clangula hyemalis
Dendrocygna bicolor
Lophodytes cucullatus
Mareca americana
Mareca strepera
Mareca strepera strepera
Melanitta americana
Melanitta fusca
Melanitta nigra
Melanitta perspicillata
Mergus cucullatus
Mergus serrator
Oxyura jamaicensis