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Amygdalum papyria
Amygdalum papyrium
Arcuatula papyria
Barchidontes exustus
Botula fusca
Brachidontes domingensis
Brachidontes exustus
Brachidontes modiolus
Geukensia demissa
Geukensia granosissima
Ischadium recurvum
Leiosolenus bisulcatus
Lioberus castaneus
Lithophaga antillarum
Lithophaga aristata
Lithophaga bisculata
Modiolus modiolus
Modiolus modiolus squamosus
Modiolus squamosus
Musculus lateralis
Mytella charruana
Mytilus edulis
Perna viridis
Xenostrobus securis