Family: Stylochidae
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Species Description: Stylochus sp. are generally oval in shape, with greatly flattened bodies. Color is tan to darker brown. They are common inhabitants of oyster reefs and reach 2.5 - 3.2 cm (approximately 1 inch) in length.

Other Taxonomic Groupings: Suborder: Acotylea.

Regional Occurrence: Extent of range is undetermined.

IRL Distribution: Stylochus sp. is found throughout the Indian River Lagoon, and is most abundant in areas where oysters occur.

Age, Size, Lifespan: Typical and maximum adult sizes of Stylochus sp. are 25 x 12mm and 32 x 15 mm respectively.

Abundance: Adult Stylochus sp. are considered common in empty oyster shells from Lake Worth to West Palm Beach.

Reproduction: Stylochus sp. is a simultaneous hermaphrodite.

Embryology: Egg masses of Stylochus sp. are laid inside empty oyster shell and hatch as Götte's larvae.

Trophic Mode: Stylochus sp. preys on oysters, barnacles and planktonic larvae.

Habitat: Preferred substratum for Stylochus sp. is oyster reef.

Special Status: Economic Impact

Notes on Endemism: The invasion status of Stylochus sp. is unknown but its larvae have been found in bilge water.

Economic Importance: Stylochus sp. can be considered to have an adverse economic impact in the Indian River Lagoon because it preys on oysters.

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