Convex Hull Polygon Tool

The Convex Hull Polygon Tool is accessable in the Points Tab in the Vector Tools Panel in the Side Panel. It can be used to create a convex hull polygon around either all, or only the selected, occurrence record points.

A convex hull polygon differs from a concave hull polygon in that all interior angles are less than 180 degrees.

Before using the Convex Hull Polygon Tool, occurrence records must already be loaded on the map.

To use the Convex Hull Polygon Tool, follow these steps:

Step 1

If the convex hull polygon should be created based on only the selected occurrence record points, select “selected”, otherwise leave the default of “all” selected in the Convex Hull Polygon Tool.

Step 2

Click the Convex Hull Polygon button in the Convex Hull Polygon Tool:

The created convex hull feature is added to the Shapes Layer.