Downloading Occurrence Data

Occurrence data can be downloaded from both the Records Tab and the Selections Tab in the Records and Taxa Panel in the Side Panel. Downloading occurrence data from the Records Tab will download all of the records returned in a search. Downloading occurrence data from the Selections Tab will download only the selected records from a search.

In either the Records Tab or the Selections Tab, the Download Type Selector can be used to select the download format for the occurrence data. The options include: CSV/ZIP, KML, GeoJSON, and GPX. Once a download type is selected, click the Download button to initiate the download.

If the download type CSV/ZIP is selected, an additional window will open allowing for further options as to the structure and formatting of the download. These options include whether the structure the data in the Native or Darwin Core format, whether to include determination or image extensions, whether the file be an archive, and other file formatting. Once these further options have been set, or if the default settings are preferred, click the Download Data button to proceed with the download.