The main map window is the primary location to view map data, access tools and controls, and load new data onto the map. Let's go through the components of the map window that are available to use for these purposes.

Side Panel Toggle

Located in the top-left corner of this window. Click on this to open the Side Panel.

Control Panel

Located along the center top edge of this window. This panel contains controls and access to settings that will be covered in much further detail later in this tutorial.

Full Screen Toggle

Located in the top-right corner of this window, above the Zoom Slider. Click this button to toggle the full screen display of the map. Once the full screen display has been toggled, the esc key can be pressed to exit back to normal display.

Zoom Slider

Located along the top-right edge of this window, just below the Full Screen Toggle. Click on either the plus or minus buttons at the top and bottom of the slider, or click and drag the handle in the middle, to adjust the zoom level of the map.

Location and Distance Panel

Located in the bottom-right corner of this window. This panel displays the coordinates of the current mouse position on the map (if the mouse cursor is on the map) and scale bars displaying distance in both miles and kilometers according to the current zoom level of the map.