The Selections Tab is available whenever occurrence records are selected. It is accessed in the Records and Taxa Panel in the Side Panel. It contains download options for the selected occurrence records, a list of the records themselves, the ability to clear the current record selections, and the ability adjust the map to show the selections. To go through each part of this tab:

Download Type Selector and Button

In the top-left corner of the Selections Tab is the Download Type drop-down selector followed by the Download button . These can be used to download the selected occurrence records in a CSV/ZIP, KML, GeoJSON, or GPX file format. Downloading selected occurrence records will be discussed further in a later topic.

Clear Selections Button

Below the Download Type Selector and button is the Clear Selections button . This can be clicked to deselect all of the currently selected occurrence records, removing all records from this tab and the tab itself, deselecting all occurrence records on the map, and deselecting all records in the Records Tab.

Zoom to Selections Button

To the right of the Clear Selections button is the Zoom to Selections button. This can be clicked to automatically zoom and pan the map so that all of the selected records are visible on the map.

Show Only Selected Points Checkbox

This checkbox can be used to limit the occurrence records displayed on the map to only those selected. When checked, only the selected occurrence records will be displayed on the map.

Selected Occurrence Record Table

Below the Show Only Selected Points Checkbox is the Selected Occurrence Record Table displaying a table of all of the currently selected occurrence records. There are columns for Catalog Number, Collector, Date, and Scientific Name for each record. In the far left column there is a checkbox to deselect individual records in the table, which removes them from this table, deselects them on the map, and deselects them in the Records Tab. The text in the Collector column for each record can be clicked to open a popup window displaying the complete data for that record. Additionally, the icon in the Collector column can be clicked to pan the map to that record's location on the map and add a temporary marker. If the Scientific Name is included in the Taxonomic Thesaurus, the text in this column can be clicked to open the Taxon Profile page for the taxon in a separate browser tab.