The Shapes Tab is accessed in the Vector Tools Panel in the Side Panel. It contains download options, means for deleting, and several analysis tools for features in the Shapes Layer. The top portion of the Shapes Tab will be covered here, while the analysis tools available in the lower portion of the tab will be covered individually in following topics.

Selected Area Display

At the top of the Shapes Tab is the Selected Area Display. This display shows the total area, in sq/km, of all of the features currently selected in the Shapes Layer.

Download Type Selector and Button

Below the Selected Area Display on the left side is the Download Type drop-down selector followed by the Download button . These can be used to download all of the features currently in the Shapes Layer in a KML or GeoJSON file format.Downloading features from the Shapes Layer will be discussed further in the next topic.

Delete Selected Features Button

To the right of the Download Type Selector and button is the Delete Selected Features button. This can be clicked to go to delete all features that are currently selected in the Shapes Layer.