Using the Query Selector

The Query Selector for any layer is accessed by clicking on the Query Selector Toggle button in the layer's frame in the Layers Panel. This tool allows you to select features within a given layer based on their attribute values. Once the Query Selector has been opened for a layer, here are the steps for use:

The Select attribute drop-down contains all of the attributes applied to features within that layer. Select the attribute you would like to use to base your selection query.

In the next drop-down select the comparator you would like to use in your query, out of EQUALS, CONTAINS, GREATER THAN, LESS THAN, and BETWEEN. Both the EQUALS and CONTAINS comparators can compare text or numeric values, but the remaining comparators can only compare numeric values.

If the BETWEEN comparator is selected, enter the low and high values in the approprite boxes for the comparison query. If any other comparator is selected, enter the single value in the remaining box for the comparison query.

Finally click the Run Query button to actually run the selection query. All features within the target layer that match the criteria you have specified will automatically be added to the Shapes Layer.