In this walkthrough we will use the the Draw Tool and Buffer Tool to create a buffer polygon around a point on the map, and then find all occurrence records that occur within it.

Step 1

Identify a location on the map (ideally a city, town, or village) in an area which you know of occurrence records occurring. If you are unsure of how to do this, follow steps 1, 2, and 3, of Walkthrough #1.

Step 2

With the location identified, pan and adjust the zoom level of the map so that the location appears as a point on the map.

Step 3

In the Draw Selector in the Control Panel, select Point to activate the Point Draw Tool.

Step 4

Poisition the mouse cursor over the location point you identified in Step 1 and click once to create a new point feature in the Shapes Layer.

Step 5

Click once on the new point feature you created in the previous step to select it in the Shapes Layer.

Step 6

Click on the Side Panel Toggle to open the Side Panel, click on Vector Tools to expand the Vector Tools Panel, and then click on the Shapes Tab to select it (if it isn't already).

Step 7

In the Buffer Tool in the Shapes Tab, enter the width the buffer should be (in km) in the box and click the Buffer button to create the buffer polygon.

Step 8

Click once on the new buffer polygon feature created in the previous step to select it in the Shapes Layer.

Step 9

Click on Search Criteria in the Side Panel to expand the Search Criteria Panel, and then click the Load Records button, in either the Criteria or Collections Tab (whichever is selected) to load the occurrence records occurring in the buffer polygon.

Step 10

If you receive a message after step 9 stating that there were no records matching the query, try repeatinging steps 7, 8, and 9, but using a higher value for buffer width in step 7.