In this walkthrough we will use TIGER/Line data from the United States Census Bureau to load US county data onto the map. We will then find all occurrence records that occur within a selected county.

This walkthrough uses external county data for the United States, and so requires occurrence data to exist occurring within the United States as well. Variations of this walkthrough can be can be completed using equivalent data for other countries.

Step 1

Download the US county shapefile from the TIGER/Line data from the United States Census Bureau. This can be found in the COUNTY directory of their FTP Archive. You can also click this link to download it directly. Be sure to note the location the file is downloaded on your computer.

Step 2

Drag and drop the entire shapefile zip file downloaded in step 1 over the map to load the US county data onto the map.

Step 3

Once the US county data has been loaded, pan and adjust the zoom level of the map to view the county data. Hold the alt key (option key on Mac) and click on different county features to open an info popup showing all of the data for that county. You can click the x icon in the top-right corner of any info popup to close it.

Step 4

Identify a county on the map in which you know of occurrence records occurring. If you are unsure of how to do this, identify the county in which the location you identified in step 1 of Walkthrough #2 is located.

Step 5

Click once on the county feature you identified in the previous step to add it to the Shapes Layer. The newly added feature in the Shapes Layer should display over the original feature on the map.

Step 6

Select Shapes in the Active Layer Selector in the Control Panel to activate the Shapes Layer.

Step 7

Click once on the county feature you added to the Shapes Layer in step 5 to select it.

Step 8

Click on the Side Panel Toggle to open the Side Panel, click on Search Criteria to expand the Search Criteria Panel (if it isn't already expanded), and then click the Load Records button, in either the Criteria or Collections Tab (whichever is selected) to load the occurrence records occurring in the selected county. If you receive a message stating that there were no records matching the query, or if you wish to try search for occurrence records in a different county, proceed with the next steps.

Step 9

Click once on the county feature again to deselect it in the Shapes Layer.

Step 10

Select the US county data layer in the Active Layer Selector (this should be tl_2021_us_county if you downloaded the file specified in step 1) in the Control Panel to activate it.

Step 11

Repeat steps 5, 6, 7, and 8, but clicking on a different county feature in step 5.